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IELTS & TOEFL Preparation Courses

Get your future endeavors with Dubai’s customized IELTS & TOEFL preparation courses. Symmetrios is a group of dedicated English training teachers who offer students the strategies for success in the overall exam sector. We will measure your ability in English skills by taking an online test to check your eligibility for our preparation course.  

Why Choose Symmetrios for IELTS & TOEFL Preparation Courses?

Symmetrios is one of the top coaching centers in Dubai, and our training staff will offer elaborate coaching for the IETLS/TOEFL syllabus, which covers reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The candidates aim to be trained in such a way that guarantees their success. Our online preparation courses will assist you in enhancing your fluency in English as well as achieving your registration to gain admission abroad.

Continuous Learning

We encourage and permit you in your academic career and your professional one. Our main aim is to realize you in achieving your goals when you walk into a job interview, communicate with fluency in English, or give a presentation. The comfort of your day-to-day encounters is at the heart of our English preparation teaching overall.

No-cramming Policy

At Symmetrios, we believe in transparency in making every single second of your time count. That means you aim to create critical thinking and issue-solving skills significant to ace these tests and can't ever have to mug up anything.

Trusted Curriculum

We have a dedicated team of trainers who have assisted hundreds of candidates realize their dream scores and better their TOEFL and IELTS preparation. In addition, our partnerships with exam boards provide us and you exclusive approach to practice material that is otherwise only available to auditors.

Certified Teachers

Our experts are trained to tailor overall candidates' intelligence quotient (IQs), leaving lasting imprints on their education abilities. Yet it does not stop there; our students have taken TOEFL as well as IELTS coaching several times under our trainers and scored just as distinct as you will after completing the English preparation courses.

Digital Classrooms

Symmetrios is one of the leading English preparation course providers that employ digital technology to ensure our applicants have access to resources everywhere. Assignments, as well as online tests, are conducted on an online portal through the educational platform to make sure ease of accessibility.

Learning by Doing

Our trainers have done the fundamental research, so you don't have to face problems studying this course's art. Moreover, since our doors are opened for you, we conduct everlasting pride in utilizing the "learning by doing" organizing system and have used ample practice material for the coaching.


These tests show the ability of non-native English speakers to know the language. At the same time, it is heard, written, spoken, and read in the college of the United States or the United Kingdom, where the primary language is English. Therefore, the tests assist you in evaluating where you are at in terms of your language proficiency. That’s because we offer various preparation courses for international students looking to persuade their study abroad.
These courses will be taught in English. Therefore, the applicant will need to speak in this language throughout the preparation duration, assisting them in improving their IELTS or TOEFL preparation. To learn more about our courses, don’t hesitate to contact us now!

What is IELTS ?

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System, which is a standard test that is conducted for educational, occupational, or immigration objectives. Relying on your academic course or entry requirements, you might require to acquire both Academic and General Training. The educational module is for applicants who require to study in a foreign country where English is the first language. In contrast, generic training is for those who need to migrate or work in a foreign country.
In addition, this test utilized to prove English language proficiency for educational and work visa purposes. Most of the United Kingdom and the United States universities and institutions accept IELTS scores to fulfill the English language proficiency needs for study abroad goals.
Symmetrios is one of the leading coaching centers that offer preparation courses with a duration of 6 to 8 weeks, and the time is flexible for international students. This program aims to assist you in preparing for a higher score on the IELTS in the following manners:

  • Become well-known with IELTS educational test format.
  • Get concentrated instruction on overall four modules, which are listening, reading, speaking, and writing
  • Practice efficient test-taking plans
  • Take and receive an assessment on certified IELTS practice tests
  • Get an estimate of the applicant’s approximate IELTS band

What is TOEFL?

Just like IELTS, TOEFL is also a language proficiency test that is conducted as a measure to understand your English level of reading, speaking, listening, and writing. TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language, which is also a computer-based test. If you belongs from a country where English is not a first language, then certification in TOEFL is required, when you are applying to study abroad. If you are highly good at English, then you might not require training, but you need the tips and complete knowledge, without which cracking this test will be complicated. Symmetrios coaching center offers high-quality TOEFL coaching in UAE, where our specialists provide you with the nuances of the entire exam compared to other exams.

If you are planning to go foreign for higher studies, get TOEFL training in Dubai and from worldwide by staying at home, and we ensure guaranteed success. Many foreign universities also take TOEFL scores as criteria to give admission to international candidates. There are more than 7000 institutions, and universities are accepting TOEFL worldwide.

Eligibility for TOEFL Exam:

There are not any conditions in terms of qualification or age for preparing for this course. So, any individual can take this test.


This category has three to five passages which you should read as well as will be roughly 700 words. The candidate has almost two hours to complete the reading section. The section will usually be from school textbooks, such as an intro or a complex topic. The question form covers inference queries, simplifying sentences, vocabulary, factual detail, etc.


In this passage, the applicant will hear three to six lectures as well as a few discussions. There will be some questions per lecture and conversations. The candidate has almost one and a half hours to answer the overall queries in this passage. The question types cover fundamental comprehension queries, connecting data queries, as well as pragmatic understanding questions.


This passage is developed to measure the student's language speaking skills. If your first language is not English, but you want to educate in an English-speaking country, this passage should be given higher significance while preparing. Symmetrios coaching center is providing the best TOEFL training in Dubai to get a guaranteed certification in TOEFL. Reach out to us now for guidance, and let's go.


Multiracial writing task

This category has three to five passages which you should read as well as will be roughly 700 words. The candidate has almost two hours to complete the reading section. The section will usually be from school textbooks, such as an intro or a complex topic. The question form covers inference queries, simplifying sentences, vocabulary, factual detail, etc.

Independent writing task

In this passage, the applicant is given a task, and they have a half hour to complete the given section. The independent writing task is simply conducted to represent your outlook on the problem.

The writing passage apparently tests your skill to develop effective academic writing. To get this, you require to listen to our online TOEFL classes. That’s because Symmetrios is one of the best TORFL training centers in UAE and provides quality solutions at an affordable pricing module. Many candidates select our coaching canter for their TOEFL training because of the benefits we give them. So reach out to us now and realize your academic goals!

Best IELTS/TOEFL Exam Preparation Training

Our language preparation courses are led by professional trainers who will guide you in every step and give plans to succeed with desirable results. The test can be conducted at the end of the program at a computer-based test. After completing, students have a more excellent knowledge of:

  • Listening and reading for central ideas
  • Listening and reading to determine a candidate’s attitude
  • Listening and reading to workflow
  • Speaking like a native English speaker and with accuracy
  • Speaking to bring ideas with improved vocabulary
  • Full-scale and discursive essays

Our Pricing Plans

At Symmetrios, we conduct a consultative approach to each campaign and offer actionable services to our customers. We’ve standard pricing packages tailored to all your requirements. Although, we also offer custom plans for customers that need complete solutions.


4-8 People

$ 500
  • 58 AED For 1 Academic Hour
  • 1386 AED For 1 Level


2-3 people

$ 1000
  • 116 AED For 1 Academic Hour
  • 2772 AED For 1 Level


single Person

$ 3000
  • 158 AED For 1 Academic Hour
  • 3758 AED For 1 Level

Advantages of preparing for a TOEFL or IELTS test

  • High success rate with careful preparation through the best trainer in this field
  • You get targeted lessons for every particular test format
  • You get more self-assurance in the test through intensive practice beforehand
  • Regular exam dates
Course Title Duration Schedule Starting Date Fee Join Class
45 min
01 jan 2022
01 jan 2022
500 AED
till 01 jan 2022

Frequently Asked

IELTS test consists of two types of versions, which are Academic and general training. The academic version is perfect if you require to pursue an undergraduate or master's degree program or aim for professional registration in the United Kingdom. Professional registration means that you can get registered recognition for your field. In addition, you strive to be entitled to utilize qualification titles like technician or Engineer.


IELTS General Training is perhaps significant for you if you require to educate below degree level, or you want to immigrate to the UK or the US or other English-speaking country.

This language proficiency test is accepted by more than 6000 universities or organizations globally, especially in English-speaking countries. These cover institutions, immigration departments, Federal government firms, professional bodies as well as multinational brands. It is typically taken by non-native English speakers to determine how they can become fluent and perfect in English (This test is conducted to prove the candidate's language skill).

IELTS test is accessible on 48 fixed dates a year and also more than four times a month, relying on local demand.

TOEFL means Test of English as a Foreign Language. This test is taken to measure the capability of non-native speakers to utilize and know the English language as it is heard, read, spoken, and written in college classrooms.

Both the IELTS and TOEFL are broadly accepted at post-graduate or under-graduate colleges across the globe. The TOEFL is more widely accepted by the United States universities than the IELTS is more generally accepted overseas, yet many colleges accept scores from either test.

The reading passage in IELTS is considered much simple when contrasted to that of TOEFL. The essay should be more extended, which is 300 words, compared to the essay of 250 words in IELTS. In simple words, you will require to prepare for TOEFL harder as compared to the reading sections in IELTS.

TOEFL examinations are around various choices, as IELTS tests have many kinds of queries throughout, covering short answers, essays, and gap-filing tasks where you will fill in missing words. Moreover, another examination is entirely computer-based, so you won't have to connect with an actual human.

IELTS and TOEFL are not needed for language proficiency programs where you aim to learn English. For instance, additional language centers do not need IELTS or TOEFL acceptance.

IELTS test certificate is valid for two years. In this period, you can easily apply for a study abroad or immigration visa. Furthermore, you can give the IELTS test more than once and use the results you want.

Just like IELTS, the TOEFL certificate is also valid for two years. So you might want to download as well as print a PDF copy of your certificate from your account.