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SEO for Travel Agency

Stop using unhelpful and unpredictable SEO techniques to improve your business travel agency. Let’s show your expertise with top-page Google results! Many SEO companies are disrupting your time and investment by quickly predicting which type of content will perform with your targeted traffic. We are much different compared to other agencies. We at Digi Mantis use the successful SEO technique to improve the search engine rankings and verify the reward ranking chances. Then we develop cost-efficient SEO-concentrated, customer-significant content and niche-related link creation that aim to beat your competitors in a tourism marketplace.

SEO Solutions that aim to have you exploring the levels of Commercial Success

When it concerns taking a trip and tourism, there is a unique factor to consider for the visual and the content when it pertains to creating efficient marketing plans. Before its inception, Digi Mantis worked on a campaign for travel and tourism agencies. All around this time, we have benefited many customers to boost their business prospects through our travel agency services. Performing with brand entitles in the market has given us an exclusive insight into field dynamics. Our experts are well known for customer profiles, the main trends in travel advertising, and the standard creating process when working with a customer related to the industry. We utilize these details to ensure we represent novel services to your advertising requirements. 

Digi Mantis Offers:

  • Skillfully designed websites 
  • Brilliantly content marketing master pans
  • Proper SEO Consultancy
  • Improve Google’s ranking 
  • Boosts traffic and generates more business sales 
  • Monthly Reporting of Travel SEO Campaign

We at Digi Mantis promise that with our expertise, you aim to get the consequences within the deliverable dates of the campaign. You can also achieve an entire refund if you can’t get results from our SEO services. Our professionals, content writers, and website developers are some of the best talents in various fields of digital marketing. With our sources at your disposal, the brand aims to beat all the competitors and get the first result in Google.

DIGI MANTIS Travel SEO Services

Blog Posts


With over five years of expertise in creating SEO-Optimized blog posts, we aim to build individual blog posts to improve your website’s traffic.

Guests Posts


Our SEO consultant will create unique quality blog posts published on related, credible blogs.

Press Releases


Digi Mantis experts aim to industry gained press releases to create authority as well as your business reputation.




We will develop creative infographics to get new visitors to your business website of travel and tourism.

Video Production


Skillfully created quality videos to take your brand authority to the next level.



The campaign with Digi Mantis benefits the social presence and gets more customers with our marketing strategies. Optimizing social media permits the customers to know about your tourism business. 

Why do you Require SEO for your Travel Agency?

Travel and Tourism SEO gets your brand in front of the researchers looking for the services relevant to your industry. It also helps the potential to explore you online.

Higher Rankings

Digi Mantis SEO master plans can boost search engine rankings. Your business website appears on the top page of Google when researchers search for travel and tourism solution givers or any topics relevant to your brand.

Get More Website Traffic

By doing advanced keyword research to explore volume, change keywords, and create quality backlinks for your site. In that case, your site is more accessible to your potential customers. .

Measurable Consequences

We understand that measuring your business website performance is much more significant. Even so, we offer a monthly or weekly report to you that give out your success. You aim to check out the details of improvements in the search results rankings, website audience, resource of traffic, and total impressions.

What Digi Mantis will do?

We benefit the travel and tourism businesses, boost earnings and improve the customer’s website online presence with SEO.

We only work on SEO

Compared to other digital marketing companies, we are concentrating on what we perform the best, Search Engine Optimization. Our experts are spending a much time driving the best results for your campaign.

Working with Travel Agencies

Digi Mantis concentrated on each type of customer and helped numerous travel agencies get to the top page of Google.

No Long-term contract

We are much self-assured that you aim to like our SEO for travel agency, even so, we did not need a long term contract.

Top-Page Result at Google

Through our Travel ranking organization, we are capable of achieving your travel brand on first the SERPs of Google.

No Extra Charges

In our company’s proposal, the price you get is the amount you can pay. We cannot charge extra from the contracted deal. Our team is transparent as well as gets results.

Dedicated SEO Teams

Our professional SEO consultant has above five years of expertise in ranking numerous websites in search engines like Google.

SEO Solutions that Bring you Results

Digi Mantis has achieved much success in developing the best SEO strategies and drives the best results. We helped numerous companies by giving our SEO for travel agency solutions. Furthermore, Our Company is well-known for giving the best results in an SEO campaign. We have a dedicated that aims to plan a strategy that works for your tourism business. Our marketing master plans consider your brand’s consideration that our experts utilize to create long-term projects. Our SEO consultant does keyword research to verify the great possible links that aim to permit a coherent online marketing strategy. Our web copywriters create a content strategy that we deliver ahead of your acceptance through these keywords. Once our team has received the approval, we create numerous content as well as social media advertising master plans to entice your website traffic to visit your online business. In that case, our website designers aim to develop an immense effective website that tells the website traffic of your quality services. After that, it is a simple step toward improving the sales and earnings of your brand. Digi Mantis team takes exceptional care when performing for customers in the tourism and traveling field. Every piece of content we develop is properly researched and backed by reality to develop the much convincing arguments to persuade a demand. Our link creation master plans then come into performing, where we get the potential customers to your website. We produce the content and social media advertising plans to continue a short interest in your brand and the solutions that you offer. Once you get a high Google ranking, we aim to move forward with our strategies to ensure that you can maintain your online presence in your industry. Our continuous work to hold your website, get a big amount of website audience and achieve more conversions. We try to assist your customer base through our online marketing plans.

SEO Solutions that Bring you Results

Why choose us?

Riskless SEO

You can explore that many companies are offering costly pricing plans for your travel SEO project. At Digi Mantis, you can get a riskless SEO at reasonable rates with proven consequences. Our SEO for a travel agency is a white hat practices with updated tactics.

Register for proven services

The client of Digi Mantis can achieve the best results by signing a campaign. Our SEO for Travel Agency Services costs nothing to start.

Reasonable Prices

Our pricing packages are dynamic and, for that reason, competitive for travel businesses. We are not charging hidden charges for your project.

Free Website Audit

We at Digi Mantis are offering you a free website audit in SEO for travel agency packages. In that case, you can achieve exact statistics of your brand condition.

A focus on local

Our experts have studied the attention and improvement of local presence in the tourism industry. Also, do you seek to know how to focus on the local market?

Much Customers and lead

Utilizing our SEO for travel agency services can get more customers or achieve more leads. It also not give you potential customers but also drive more profits.


Our expertise in SEO for a travel agency seeks to improve your return on investment in a couple of weeks. Our Travel agency SEO solutions can take a 4 to 6 give to give you the best results.

Beat Your Entire Competitors

Working on your campaign, we plan a strategy that aims to beat your competitors, and you can appear at the top results of Google.

Grow Your Business

You can grow your tourism business with potential customers. We will get your tourism business to get customers and drive more profits.

Pricing Models of SEO for Agencies


$ 250
  • Monthly Package
  • 20 Keywords
  • SEO Analysis
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • 5 Blog Per Month
  • Weekly Reports
  • Monthly Reports


$ 500
  • Monthly Package
  • 40 Keywords
  • SEO Analysis
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • 10 Blog Per Month
  • Weekly Reports
  • Monthly Reports


$ 750
  • Monthly Package
  • 60 Keywords
  • SEO Analysis
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • 15 Blog Per Month
  • Weekly Reports
  • Monthly Reports

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